Enterprise-Class Technology and Uptime

Very few companies have in-house the qualified staff or enterprise-grade Exchange infrastructure to prevent downtime. In fact, around 70% of businesses suffer downtime of some kind each year, which conservatively costs an average of $42,000 per hour, according to Gartner Research.

With redundant power supplies, cooling and Internet connectivity, plus clustered servers and a SAN for storage, our datacenters guarantee an outstanding 99.9% email uptime.

Hosted Exchange technicians are also focused on keeping specific servers running 24x7, rather than working on a range IT hardware and software. As a result, they can guarantee the reliability your company deserves.

Easy and cost-effective wireless email

Running separate email and wireless email servers can be an expensive nightmare, as they are often in different locations and require skilled teams to keep them online.

Our hosted Exchange datacenter also runs BlackBerry, ActiveSync and Good Mobile Messaging, so getting hosted Exchange email on a BlackBerry, Treo or other wireless email is simple. Just ‘switch on’ the service and it works. There’s no tricky configuration, no expensive hardware or software to buy (like BlackBerry Enterprise Server), and no maintenance needed.

Continuous protection

15,000 new viruses and security threats were discovered last year alone. Even so, with overstretched staff and resources, in-house IT teams with even the best intentions often fall behind on back-ups or updating anti-spam and anti-virus software.

With hosted Exchange, this is never a problem. Back-ups are performed on a regular and scheduled basis, with the latest anti-spam and anti-virus updates constantly applied across all servers. Given today’s huge array of IT security threats, you can outsource Exchange just to have confidence that you are shielded from the crippling loss of your entire email system.

Is email hosting really your core business? Hosted Microsoft Exchange from us will give you affordable business email, with instant wireless email access, total protection against security threats, and guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Outlook/Exchange 2007 vs Basic Email

  Exchange Server 2007 POP 3 / IMAP4
Group scheduling
Send out meeting requests,
then track and update them
Shared calendars and side-by-side
calendar views
Access to personal and shared
address books from remote locations
Outlook single sign-on for email
and network access
Outlook connections over the
Internet are secure
Some solutions
Server-side spam filtering Some solutions
Put multicolored flags next to
emails as a reminder to follow up
Ability to add voting buttons to a messages
Automatic out-of-office reply
Ability to recall sent messages
Support for multiple-computer access Partial
Access to email via Web browsers and
mobile browsers, Outlook Mobile in
Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs,
Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphones
Non-Microsoft products
are typically required
Outlook Cached Exchange Mode for
working with intermittent
Web connection (eg dial-up)
Some solutions offer
Offline email, calendar, contacts,
and public folder support
Access to public folders for sharing
documents and information
Individual email folder
access in IMAP
Basic email support for SMTP,
POP3, and IMAP4
Easy management of Outlook and
Exchange Server profiles across
multiple machines to lower support costs

Hosted Exchange add-on services

One huge benefit of hosted Exchange is the range of simple and cost-effective add-on services. Where companies with in-house Exchange face huge IT management complications, hosted Exchange makes these headaches disappear.


Hosted Exchange gives your business cost-effective, enterprise-grade email on demand – plus add-on services previously available only to large corporations.

Our Hosted Exchange Datacenter

When you host your business-critical email system with Integrity IT, your email and data will be hosted in one of the world’s premiere datacenters. It includes all the latest technology in server, data connectivity, power, cooling, security and infrastructure.

The datacenter is equipped with the latest environmental control units that give a 100% SLA-guaranteed temperature and humidity within a certain range. It also uses the most advanced fire-suppression systems available. The datacenter has an 18-inch raised floor and is zone 4 certified for earthquakes.

Our datacenter is a carrier-neutral facility with two diverse network entry points and a direct Internet backbone connection. Failover arrangements ensure that data connectivity never goes down. With our hosted Exchange, you always have reliable access to your server, both from your desktop or via Outlook Web Access wherever you travel.

As a world-class datacenter, our premises are closely monitored and guarded, 24x7x365. Sophisticated pan/tilt CCTV cameras cover every part of the datacenter and access to our servers is restricted to a limited number of authorized engineers.

Security is strictly enforced using the very latest technology, including man-trap technology between lobby and datacenter, motion sensors and controlled ID key-cards, as well as security guards stationed at every entrance to the site.

Certified Network Support & Computer Services, New York, NY

INTEGRITY IT, A New York City Certified IT Network Support & Computer Services company, was established in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Just as the attacks changed our nationís needs in many other professional fields, they dramatically altered the emphasis on business data security and availability. INTEGRITY IT was born out of a profound recognition of this fact and a desire to meet these new demands and overcome their associated challenges. To meet the needs of an always-changing business world and its ever-shifting staff dynamics as well as navigate through increasingly complex business channels, INTEGRITY IT recognizes that strategic adaptability, superior interpersonal skills and around-the-clock availability are paramount. In short, we are committed to delivering superior service to you. We are Fully certified and offer full support for Microsoft operating system, email, networking, VPN, firewall, Blackberry, Remote and wireless. We’re not just interested in keeping your computers and network services secure and running smoothly. We’re interested in your business as a whole. We provide server backup, spyware protection, hard drive recovery, anti-virus protection, remote access and wireless technology.
Integrity IT is about personal service and 24/7 availability not just expertise, experience and roll-up-your-sleeves know-how. It's about being there for the long haul and building the kind of relationships with our clients that make the "long haul" not seem long at all. In short, it's about providing you with the best in security, service and dependability.